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The Spanish singer songwriter Mónica Coronado, or just MON, is a versatile and internationally experienced multi- talented woman. With her guitar and her singing she mixes a rich variety of music styles like flamenco, jazz, pop and latin music. With her clear and warm voice she sings her stories, collected and experienced in her travels around the world.
When I asked MON how she would describe her music, she answers: "As mediterranean music. People associate it with warmth and wonderful holiday feeling ". That feeling is echoed in her music: stories about love, loneliness, misunderstanding, but also about power, faith in yourself, confidence and following your dreams ...
MON's music covers you like a warm musical blanket. The music on her last CD, Aquí estoy, is wavy, warm, rhythmic and optimistic in tone. And, just as she sings: "Y la vida sigue siendo bella", in other words, "Life remains beautiful."

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