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Singersong writer

Mónica Coronado: voice, guitar, guitalele

Trailer concert

Canal Youtube

Mon & Manito

Flamenco guitar: Manito

Voice: Mónica Coronado

Video Desamor

El Sol y la Luna

Mónica Coronado: voice, guitar

Judith Naber: dancer (

Trailer "Elementos"

Click video "Nací en Alamo"

Trailer "El Sol y la Luna"

Mon & Lisa


Lies and Mónica they play and sing with harp, guitar, guitalele and percussion compositions from Latin american women and from Mónica Coronado. They play about love, human rights, emotions and hope. Songs sang by Violeta Parra, Chavela Vargas, Lila Downs, Guadalupe Urbina, Mercedes Sosa and from Marta Topferova.

Lies Joosten: harp

Mónica Coronado: voice, guitar, guitalele.




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