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El Sol y la Luna

Mónica Coronado: voice, guitar

Judith Naber: dancer (

Click video "Nací en Alamo"

Trailer "El Sol y la Luna"

La Buena Nota

Mónica Coronado: voice, guitar, guitalele

Lies Joosten: harp

Ines van Deursen: contrabass

Wouter Helmig: percussion

Click video 

Mon & Manito


Flamenco guitar: Manito

Voice: Monica Coronado

Dance: Judith Naber


Video Nací en Alamo



Camino Sur


Path to the south, this project is a duo with Jesús Peñaranda, accordeonist from Santander (Spain).

Listen to the music



Mon & Lisa


Lies and Mónica they play and sing with harp, guitar, guitalele and percussion compositions from Latin american women and from Mónica Coronado. They play about love, human rights, emotions and hope. Songs sang by Violeta Parra, Chavela Vargas, Lila Downs, Guadalupe Urbina, Mercedes Sosa and from Marta Topferova.

Lies Joosten: harp

Mónica Coronado: voice, guitar, guitalele.



Poesía Cantada


Spanish songs from Mónica Coronado and dutch poetry from Ûltsje van Gorkum





Theater play with poems from Juan de Timoneda, Alfonsina Storni, Rosalía de Castro, Federico Garcia Lorca, Pedro Salinas, Rafael Alberti, Luis Cernuda, Octavio Paz, Jose Emilio Pachedo and Teresa Nuñez. Songs composed and played by Mónica Coronado.


Genetic Choir


The Genetic Choir is a utopian singing ensemble.

Believing in the possibility that singers can be completely free in their improvisation and still coherently work together, the Genetic Choir sings instant composition concerts with all music created on the spot.

Anything – from the characteristic silence of a building to a pattern on the floor or a conversation between audience members – can form the basic ingredient for our music.




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