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Singing lessons


"The quality of our breathing determines the quality of our lives. But the pressures of our modern-day life have created an almost literally breath-less culture" (Ways to better breathing, C.Speads)


Prices adults: €53/session, €156/3, €306/6 and €600/12

Prices students: €43/session, €129/3, €246/6 and €480/12

A session takes 50min.

Payment NL06 TRIO 0198 0270 79

Prices are incl. BTW.

Conditions: payment before the lessons, cancellations 48h in advance.

Location: Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 90, Arnhem

Special offer: 50% discount first lesson!!!



Voice and Movement Workshops


Years ago I started singing and at the same time, but separately, I also started working with my body. Around that time I had my first classical technique singing lessons and my first Alexander Technique lessons. Directly after the first lesson I noticed that my voice improved (it became more open, more volume and natural). My body also changed: it was better balanced, centered and powerful. This was for me the beginning of my Voice and Movement journey. In the years that followed I studied Modern Dance, Theater, Body Techniques (Feldenkrais, Taichi, Yoga and Butoh) and Conservatorium (Singing, Jazz and Pop).

As a consequence of all this knowledge and experiences I developed a Voice and Movement Workshop. In this workshop I support people in developing their voice and movement skills and I teach them how to express themselves through the body movements and the voice.

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